About us

The “Creede Fork” is the name of the largest fork in America and is located in the town of Creede, in Colorado. The owner of the Mexican Restaurant restaurant where it is installed commissioned a local artist to create this piece of art.  He spent several months finding just the right material that cannot only stand the test of time but standup to the strong winds experienced throughout the year in the San Juan Mountains. Built of hand-welded aluminum it has the length of over 39 feet and took the artist three months to weld it together.  It weighs over 600 lbs and greets motorists as they enter the town limits.  Visitors frequently stop to pose for pictures with the giant fork.

Named one of 100 Best Small Arts Towns in America Creede, Colorado has been identified as a place to “discover creative people, fresh air, and affordable living”. Creede supports one of the most active and energetic arts communities in the country with a variety of commercial galleries and studios plus an Art Park and many more exhibits sequestered among private homes. The Creede Repertory Theatre, an active arts organization (Creede Arts Council), and Stephen Quiller’s Gallery are additional enhancements to Creede’s art extract.