World’s Largest Porch Swing

Title:World’s Largest Porch Swing
Location:Hebron, Nebraska, USA
Description:Hebron has the World’s Largest Porch Swing, located at the City Park at 5th and Jefferson. Local volunteers built a swing with a seat 32 feet long. Because Hebron does not have the world’s largest front porch, the swing is in Roosevelt Park downtown. In true Nebraska fashion, a section of center pivot forms the swing’s top girder. This top girder is actually a subcomponent of the Reinke Corner Gator, a corner watering system, manufactured in Deshler, NE.
The swing is said to be long enough for 24 children or 18 adults. Some say 25 adults, but one web commentator remarked, “as far as I’m concerned, any more than 10 and the quaint opportunities for romance are out of the question.”