World’s Largest Teapot Water Tower

Title:World’s Largest Teapot Water Tower
Location:Lindstrom MN
Description:This water tower is located in Lindstrom, Minnesota. The town is the sister city to Tingsryd, Sweden and is also nicknamed “America’s Little Sweden” in honor of it’s Swedish immigrant founders. This hard-working little teapot served the community from 1902 until 1990 as the city’s water tower, and was finally retired after 88 years of continuous service. It’s hard to miss as you drive through town, and is well past it’s 100th year now of welcoming people to the area with it’s message of “Välkommen till Lindström”! This landmark is always popular with tourists and is one of the most photographed water tower in the state – rumor has it that you can see sometimes steam rising from the spout as it brews its last pot for the day.