World’s Mystery Spot

Title:World’s Mystery Spot
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Description:There is a place in California where the laws of physics just do not seem to apply. Here water flows skyward and people can actually walk up walls. So, what does one do if they discover a site of such anomalism activity? You charge admission of course! American mystery spot, like the one located in Santa Cruz are a time-honored classic amongst roadside tourist traps. With wild claims of antigravity vortexes and dizzying sensations, how could these places fail to entice the curious? Are they all merely off-kilter rooms designed by highway huckster to disorient the equilibrium of the hapless tourist with optical illusions? Or are there really places in America, such as the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot that belay all that science has taught us about the way the universe operates? We can’t really say for sure, but we’re always willing to take a walk up a wall and amble across any ceiling to find out for ourselves.