Cabazon Dinosaurs

Title:Cabazon Dinosaurs
Location: California, USA.
Description:Towering 30 feet above the I-10 heading south to Palm Springs, Calif., a T. rex and an Apatosaurus are part of the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs museum in Cabazon. More than 12 million drivers pass by the dinos annually, and tourists are invited to stop and wander through a museum, located within the T. rex, or participate in a fossil dig. The dinosaurs have been featured in various media, from Coke commercials to bad 1980s films.

Most likely the only reason you would ever be in Cabazon, California is to drive through it on the I-10 corridor at 70mph. Sure, there are some pretty decent outlet stores and it’s close to the Coachelle Festival and the resorts and golf of Palm Springs, but it isn’t exactly a destination, per se.