World’s Largest Soda Bottle- Alabama

Title:World’s Largest Soda Bottle (Destroyed), The Bottle
Location:Alabama USA
Description:Built in 1924, and billed as “the world’s largest bottle”, The Bottle (sometimes referred to as The “Nehi Inn”) was built by John F. Williams owner of the Nehi Bottling Company in Opelika, Alabama. The Bottle stood 64-feet (19.5 m) tall, and measured forty-nine feet (14.94 m) in diameter at the base, and 16 feet (4.88 m) at the cap. The ground floor was a grocery store and service station, and the 2nd and 3rd floors were living quarters and storage. The neck of the Bottle had windows so it could be used as an observation tower where you could see miles of countryside. The “bottle cap” was the roof. Inside there was a spiral oak stairway. Fire consumed the Bottle in 1933, destroying the largest bottle in the world and ending an era of a gathering place for tourists and local men to swap yarns around a potbellied wood stove, BBQs and a party every Friday night on the balcony above the service station.